A good preventative maintenance (PVM) program is proven to add measurable cost savings to your budget. HCSG provides a detailed PVM program, custom tailored to specific OEM requirements, duty cycles, equipment type, and other pertinent factors. We can provide everything from basic lubrication and maintenance schedules to advanced on-board real-time equipment monitors.

All HCSG preventative maintenance programs are designed to conform to OSHA 1910.179 (L) (1) requirements.

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Site & System Maintenance

Site Maintenance is an innovative alternative to in-house maintenance. Maintaining trained and qualified personnel will become a thing of the past. HCSG will supply qualified crews that report daily to your plant. All aspects, including paper work, can be handled for you. When a breakdown happens, a crane crew will be there to handle it.

System Maintenance: corporations with multiple facilities present a unique challenge for maintenance crews, such as maintaining staff and servicing all locations efficiently and economically. Having branch facilities across the U.S., HCSG can solve your problems with a system wide maintenance program. You will receive the same quality and professional service throughout your system.

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Just-In-Time (JIT) is a combination of pre-engineered preventative maintenance planning and on-board monitoring systems. HCSG determines the original design against current duty cycle and then installs a customized maintenance program. As needed, hardware applications that determine actual crane usage are attached and utilized by HCSG. The information collected; matched with our preventative maintenance programs, define the necessary maintenance procedures.