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Paper machine cranes and other lifting equipment present in paper mills and woodyards exist in some of the world’s harshest industrial environments. Hoist & Crane has the critically important experience and management necessary to properly and safely inspect and maintain these unique cranes.


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House Cranes

House Cranes and their runway systems have to be repaired and maintained “on the run.” No problem. HCSG has completed more “House Crane” work over running paper machines than anybody. The result is no lost production.

Reel Cranes

Reel Cranes come with their set of own unique problems. All repairs and upgrades must be packaged to allow for very tight down time windows. When using HCSG, expect faster outages and a faster return to production.

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Crane Structures, runway assemblies, and shafting have expected lifetimes. The proper management of fatigue as a part of your maintenance program will head off catastrophic failure.

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Hoist & Crane is in the crane business as mills are in the paper making business. Ever shrinking staffs require assigning assets to your core needs. Hoist & Crane, through our HALO service systems, can handle all material handling equipment in the mill, freeing in-house personnel to concentrate on the paper making equipment.

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Using Hoist & Crane’s Data Management and PVM maintenance systems, critical inspection and maintenance data is organized and properly managed so that efficient decisions can be made. Collecting the right information is critical, but organizing it and presenting efficiently is just as important.

regulatory considerations:
  • OSHA
  • ANSI
  • AWS
  • NEC

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