HCSG offers the most comprehensive overhead crane and lifting equipment inspection programs available today. We offer everything from periodic OSHA compliance inspections to complete preventative maintenance programs. All of our inspection reports are computer generated and can be presented in a bound report and/or electronically transmitted. All discrepancies found are prioritized from critical safety items to recommended maintenance, along with the OSHA code explanation.

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Constant Care

Hoist & Crane’s Constant Care inspection program is designed to assist you in complying with OSHA 1910.179 requirements for frequent and periodic inspections on your lifting equipment. As equipment and regulations become more complex, and available staff resources few, Constant Care is here to take care of all of your inspection requirements.

data management for overhead cranes

Data Management

Inspection results and corrective action are part of the flow of information necessary to meet government requirements and operate a program focused on Total Cost of Ownership reduction. HCSG’s exclusive Data Management system allows the end user to easily and efficiently sort and filter through critical inspection data. More efficiently managed data leads to better decisions which leads to reduced downtime and total cost of ownership.

Runway Analysis through Rail C.A.R.E.©

Runway Analysis through Rail C.A.R.E.©

Cranes are designed and built to run square and lift vertically. However, due to poor installation, sinkage and other factors, crane systems can become out of square. Excessive damage to wheels, end trucks, gearboxes, etc. can result. HCSG can provide a laser guided runway analysis, complete reporting system, and a solutions for repair.


Program Abilities:
  • Detailed visual inspection of the complete runway structure, including: columns, girders, rails, tie-backs, etc.
  • Laser Analysis to precisely pinpoint tolerance discrepancies.
  • Inspect to ensure compliance with industry specifications for crane runways.
  • Datum Charts to measure changes over time.
  • A detailed report with 3D visualizations.

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