Preventive Maintenance

Hoist & Crane offers a wide variety of services including Inspections-Data Management-Upgrades, Modifications, Modernization-Maintenance, Load Testing, Technical Training Programs, and Industrial Elevators. For companies with multiple locations, we offer a National Accounts team to simplify oversight and management.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

At Hoist & Crane, we believe that every preventative maintenance program must produce measurable cost savings. We achieve this by carefully tailoring our preventative maintenance program to your company’s unique needs, specific OEM requirements, duty cycles, equipment types, and other essential factors. From basic lubrication and maintenance schedules to advanced computerized onboard real-time equipment monitoring, our comprehensive preventative maintenance packages reduce your Total Cost of Ownership by reducing the likelihood of equipment failure and unplanned equipment downtime.

And for companies tired of the challenges of maintaining in-house maintenance staff, we offer both Site & System Maintenance Programs. Maintenance Program customers enjoy dedicated, highly trained, and qualified maintenance personnel that report to their plants daily. Our offices handle every facet of the operation, including all maintenance and inspection record reporting. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, customers can rest assured that a responsive Hoist & Crane Service Group maintenance crew will promptly address the issue. And all our preventative maintenance programs are designed to conform to OSHA 1910.179 (L) (1) requirements. 

Elevator Preventative Maintenance

Your elevator equipment is a significant capital investment with a finite usage lifecycle. To ensure you get the most from these investments, we offer strategic preventative maintenance services designed to extend the lifespan of your elevator equipment and reduce your Total Cost of Ownership.

Unlike the pitfalls of corrective maintenance approaches, which often lead to deferred maintenance and increased ownership costs, we provide you with a strategically designed maintenance control program. Our approach doesn't rely on a standard schedule. Instead, we customize our maintenance program for each elevator in your facility, considering its unique usage and operational contributions.

We take a proactive approach to elevator Lifecycle Management, transitioning from preventative to predictive maintenance. Our innovative MOD35 Data Management capital planning tool lets us prioritize discrepancies identified during assessments and target remedies based on your facilities' unique requirements. This means your elevator systems receive the proper attention at the right time, helping you avoid future costs and unexpected downtime.

Our nationwide network of elevator technicians is always on the lookout for potential manufacturer equipment obsolescence issues that could impact your elevator equipment. We're committed to keeping you ahead of any issues, proactively notifying you, and preparing a recommended course of action to ensure your operations are never adversely affected. With us, you'll never be surprised to find out that a piece of equipment isn’t covered under your maintenance contract.

With our proactive, personalized preventative maintenance services, we'll help you minimize downtime, maximize lifespan, and maintain the safety and efficiency of your elevator systems.

Industrial Doors & Docks Maintenance & Repair

Your loading docks and doors are your gateways to productivity. Our Preventative Maintenance program thoroughly inspects your loading docks, commercial doors, levelers, restraints, and controls. Our seasoned experts meticulously assess your equipment for signs of wear and tear, identify potential issues before they escalate, and offer tailored solutions to keep your operation running at its best. Regular check-ups can extend the lifespan of your equipment, helping you maintain operational efficiency while reducing overall maintenance costs.

Despite the best preventative measures, equipment failures can occur. When they do, you can count on Hoist & Crane Service Group’s Emergency Repair services. We understand that downtime means lost productivity. That's why our skilled repair team is on standby round the clock, ready to resolve any unexpected issues swiftly and efficiently. We repair your critical warehouse doors and dock equipment, ensuring minimal disruption and a quick return to total operational capacity.

Your loading docks and industrial doors are the arteries of your warehouse operation. Trust them to the expert preventative maintenance and emergency repair services of Hoist & Crane. Our dedication to keeping your business running smoothly helps you avoid costly downtime, boost operational efficiency, and ensure a safe working environment for your employees.

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