Hoist & Crane Service Group has the experience and service systems necessary to maintain critical lifting equipment in nuclear and conventional power plants.

The current fleet of U.S. Power House cranes are averaging 45 years or older. Technology is obsolete, spare parts are difficult to attain, and performance characteristics are years behind current possibilities. These issues and others can be managed and strategically improved through Hoist & Crane’s HALO service systems.

  • Issue: Aging Equipment

    HALO Inspection, Preventative Maintenance, and Fatigue Management Packages are designed based on the age and brand of your equipment.

  • Issue: Obsolete Parts

    By working with Hoist & Crane's Flexparts division, Hoist & Crane Service Group can source and/or reproduce any component including castings, machine parts and electrical components.

  • Issue: Poor Performance Characteristics

    Hoist & Crane Service Group can design complete modernization and upgrade programs including drive performance improvements, capacity or speed increases, remote control, and environmental improvements.

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If you have a crane in one of these applications, Hoist & Crane Service Group is your one stop source

  • Fossil – Turbine, Ball Mill, Pulverizer, Conveyor, Coal Handling
  • Nuclear – Polar, Turbine, Waste Handling, Cast House
  • Hydro – Turbine, Head Works, Screen derricks
  • Waste to Energy – Turbine, Ash Handling, Garbage Handling Pit Cranes