Industrial Cranes

Hoist & Crane Service Group’s trained crane technicians and engineers are ready to handle all your industrial crane inspection, maintenance, repair, upgrade, and modernization needs, including electrical, mechanical, and structural.

Industrial Crane Inspections

At Hoist & Crane Service Group, we understand the critical role that your overhead industrial crane and lifting equipment play in your day-to-day operations. With our Constant Care inspection program, we offer you peace of mind and assurance that your equipment maintains top-notch condition and complies with all relevant safety standards. 

Our Constant Care inspection program is one of the most extensive inspection services available today. We go above and beyond to ensure your lifting equipment abides by the rigorous OSHA 1910.179 requirements for frequent and periodic inspections. No stone is left unturned as we scrutinize every detail of your equipment to ensure operational safety and compliance.

Cranes are engineered to operate precisely—lifting vertically and running squarely. However, factors such as installation issues, structural settlement, and corrosion can slowly skew your equipment from acceptable parameters. Our thorough inspection covers the complete runway structure—columns, girders, rails, tie-backs, and beyond—to keep your equipment in line with all industry specifications.

Recognizing your unique record-keeping needs, we deliver our inspection reports in both bound and digital versions. Every detail matters to us, so we provide clear, comprehensible reports that cater to your preferred format.

To enhance the efficiency of your operations, all discrepancies noted during our inspections are prioritized. This list ranges from critical safety items to recommended maintenance, each paired with the appropriate OSHA code explanation. This precise system allows for effective scheduling of follow-up activities and ensures that the most urgent issues are addressed first.

Put your trust in Hoist & Crane's Constant Care program—where we blend technical expertise, attention to detail, and a commitment to safety to deliver unparalleled inspection service. 

Industrial Crane Upgrades & Modernizations

Are you wrestling with the frustrations of outdated, unreliable, and unsafe industrial crane equipment? Do your expanding production needs demand more from your overhead crane than it can currently deliver? Hoist & Crane Service Group offers comprehensive crane modernization and modification services designed to boost your productivity, improve safety, and reduce operating costs.

As your business grows and evolves, so too should your equipment. Higher production requirements may necessitate faster operating speeds, improved controls, greater capacity, or even automation. Perhaps you've noticed a drop in reliability, resulting in costly unscheduled shutdowns. Could essential parts become obsolete, leading to high replacement costs and lengthy delivery times? Regular inspections might reveal excessive wear or non-compliance with the latest safety standards. A strategic upgrade or modernization can tackle these challenges head-on.

Modifications can transform your crane, enhancing its capabilities and ensuring optimal performance for your specific needs. Common modifications include Capacity Upgrades, where we reinforce structural components, upgrade the hoisting system, or add supplementary counterweights to increase your crane's lifting capacity. Our goal is to enable your crane to perform at its maximum potential, effectively supporting your business growth.

Our Crane Modernization services offer a comprehensive refresh for your equipment, from Engineered Capacity Upgrades and Mechanical Rebuild of Gearboxes and Motors to Complete Electrical Modernization including VFD and Variable DC Controls.

Need to replace Wheel, Axle, or other Powertrain Components? We've got you covered. Looking to transition from DC to AC? Consider it done. Need Rail and Structural Replacement? We're on it. Or upgrade to our HALO SmartCrane Monitoring Systems for cutting-edge remote monitoring and control.

At Hoist & Crane, we believe your overhead crane should grow with your business, not hold it back. Trust in our modernization and modification services to breathe new life into your industrial overhead crane equipment.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

At Hoist & Crane, we believe that every preventative maintenance program must produce measurable cost savings. We achieve this by carefully tailoring our preventative maintenance program to your company’s unique needs, specific OEM requirements, duty cycles, equipment types, and other essential factors. From basic lubrication and maintenance schedules to advanced computerized onboard real-time equipment monitoring, our comprehensive preventative maintenance packages reduce your Total Cost of Ownership by reducing the likelihood of equipment failure and unplanned equipment downtime.

And for companies tired of the challenges of maintaining in-house maintenance staff, we offer both Site & System Maintenance Programs. Maintenance Program customers enjoy dedicated, highly trained, and qualified maintenance personnel that report to their plants daily. Our offices handle every facet of the operation, including all maintenance and inspection record reporting. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, customers can rest assured that a responsive Hoist & Crane Service Group maintenance crew will promptly address the issue. And all our preventative maintenance programs are designed to conform to OSHA 1910.179 (L) (1) requirements. 

Industrial Crane Equipment

Even the best-maintained crane equipment has a lifespan. Over time, the demands of heavy lifting and constant use inevitably lead to wear and tear that goes beyond repair. When your crane shows signs of reaching its end of life, replacing it becomes the only practical next step. That's where Hoist & Crane comes in. We're here to support you through the transition and make the process of crane replacement as smooth as possible.

As a dedicated crane service provider, we’re not beholden to any single crane brand. This freedom means we're uniquely positioned to provide unbiased, expert advice on the best crane options to suit your specific needs, free of conflicts of interest.

The crane market’s wide range of brands, types, and capacities can seem daunting. That’s why we draw upon our extensive industry experience in industrial crane maintenance, repair, and inspection, to help you identify the right time to retire your current equipment and select the most suitable replacement given your operational requirements and budget.

And our role doesn’t end once you've chosen your new crane. We coordinate with your selected crane provider for a seamless handover, from decommissioning your old crane to integrating the new one, thereby minimizing downtime and ensuring operational efficiency.

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