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Hoist & Crane Service Group offers a variety of different career options within our organization. Click the "View Positions" button below to see all open positions. If you do not find any positions that match your qualifications, please create a candidate profile by clicking the “Submit Application” below. This will help us notify you directly whenever a new position that matches your qualifications does open up. At that time, you'll be able to easily apply for those opportunities.

technical industrial crane operator training

Technical Training

HCSG operates the industry’s only dedicated trade school for overhead crane technicians. We discovered many years ago that there are plenty of highly trained mechanics and electricians out there, but insufficient cross training to address the varying aspects of crane repair. Training at HCSG is not limited only to the classroom. We have a 10,000 sf training facility, complete with a 60 ton double girder bridge crane and training labs in small hoist repair, hydraulics, pneumatics, eddy currents, static stepless, ac/dc controls, and variable frequency.

fast track apprenticeship programs

Fast Track Apprenticeship

HCSG’s FastTrack program is the industry’s only apprenticeship program for crane technicians. Candidates that are accepted into the program will be removed from the field for six months to undergo intense training in all aspects of overhead crane inspection and repair.

excellent employee benefits

Excellent Benefits

Hoist & Crane Service Group offers competitive wages and benefits packages including:

  • Medical Insurance with premium assistance Dental and Vision Plans
  • Company Vehicle for Service Technicians and Management
  • Long and short term disability
  • 401K with match options
  • Life Insurance
  • Paid Vacation and Holidays
  • Employee focus through the 5 Marks Program
Hoist & Crane 5 Marks Training

The 5 Marks Training Program

Integrity • Safety • Legacy • Effectiveness • Respect 

At Hoist & Crane Service Group, our philosophy is defined by our Five Marks: Safety, Integrity, Effectiveness, Respect, and Legacy. Safety reigns supreme, reflected in our stellar record and continuous commitment to improvement through behavior-based practices. Integrity is our cornerstone, visible in every honest interaction with customers and team members. Effectiveness fuels our adaptability and learning drive, enabling us to deliver efficient operations. Respect, our founding principle, underscores our attention to employee needs and work-life balance. Lastly, Legacy echoes in the quality craftsmanship, employee passion, and our unwavering determination to be industry leaders.

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