Hoist & Crane Service Group is a leading, national provider for hoist and crane inspections, preventative maintenance, and repairs. From basic OSHA inspections to full-service preventative maintenance, overhead production cranes to small chain hoists, our advanced service options are designed to maximize not only the efficiency of your equipment, but the planning and budgeting associated with it.


Industrial crane inspections, elevator assessments, and warehouse doors & docks inspection services.

Preventive Maintenance

Industrial crane, elevator, and warehouse doors & docks preventive maintenance services.

Modifications & Upgrades

Providing repair, modifications, and upgrades for overhead industrial cranes and commercial elevators. 

Overhead Crane Operating Training

Teach your crane operators the crucial skills required to safely and efficiently handle your crane equipment.

HALO SmartCrane

Advanced, real-time data collection via custom sensory systems that are easily retroļ¬tted to any manufacturers' lifting equipment.

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