At Hoist & Crane Service Group, we understand the critical role that lifting devices play in the petrochemical industry. From overhead cranes to smaller hoists, each piece of equipment has a unique function, contributing to the complex and demanding operations of the world's top oil and chemical production companies.

Recognizing this, we provide specialized maintenance and repair services, ensuring the peak performance of your essential lifting equipment. Our highly skilled technicians have diverse expertise in electrical, mechanical, hydraulics, pneumatics, and structural systems, enabling us to address a broad spectrum of maintenance needs.

A key aspect of our service offering is the commitment to compliance. We prioritize strict adherence to API and OSHA standards in all our inspection, maintenance, and repair processes. Our rigorous inspections focus not only on overhead cranes but also on hydraulic dock cranes and small hoists, reflecting the wide range of equipment utilized in the industry.

Choose Hoist & Crane Service Group for your petrochemical lifting equipment needs. With our comprehensive services and commitment to safety and compliance, we help ensure your operations continue to run smoothly and efficiently.

A few of the companies that have trusted us with their machinery.

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