Corporate Projects

Experience the advantages of Hoist & Crane Service Group's Corporate Projects Division, your comprehensive partner for large-scale crane and lifting equipment repair, upgrade, and modification projects. Our expert team provides end-to-end solutions, optimizing your equipment’s performance and safety, while prioritizing customer satisfaction. We understand these projects often require significant resources, which can strain branch office operations. That's why we step in to alleviate the burden, allowing branch offices to focus on your day-to-day equipment maintenance and support needs without being distracted by the complexities of managing large one-time projects.

Once you engage our Corporate Projects Division we become the single point of contact for all stakeholders, streamlining communication and ensuring a unified approach. Our project managers, engineers, technicians, and support staff work together to create a cohesive project plan, execute tasks precisely, and deliver exceptional results.

With a diverse range of industries under our belt, including Aerospace, Automotive, Manufacturing, Military, Petrochemicals, Power Generation, Primary Metals, and Pulp & Paper, we are prepared to serve your unique project needs regardless of your industry.

Electrical Systems

We provide comprehensive electrical modernization services designed to power up your productivity, enhancing safety and efficiency, while ensuring a longer lifespan for your systems.

Dive into the future by incorporating advanced technologies, including installing Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) and Variable DC Controls. These modernizations are tailored to maximize control, streamline efficiency, and reinforce safety measures, extending your equipment’s electrical systems' operational life.

Reap the benefits of improved energy efficiency and compatibility with our seamless DC to AC Conversion services for hoists and cranes. Our conversion solutions are crafted with compliance to industry standards, optimizing performance and harmonizing your equipment with the current industrial technologies.

Our in-depth understanding of the complexities of electrical systems and proficiency in advanced technologies ensure that your cranes and hoists function at their peak. Experience enhanced control and extended electrical system lifespan, with our expertly delivered Electrical Systems services. 

Mechanical Systems

With Hoist & Crane's Corporate Projects Division, you can rest assured that your mechanical systems are in skilled hands. We understand the complexities of these systems and how they fit into your larger operational picture. Our expert engineers and technicians are committed to improving your hoists and cranes' performance while maximizing your equipment's reliability and lifespan.

Harness the power of advanced technology with HALO SmartCrane, our manufacturer-agnostic, cutting-edge remote monitoring solution. HALO technology optimizes the performance and reliability of hoists and cranes, allowing for real-time monitoring, and diagnostics, to facilitate proactive maintenance and reduce lift equipment downtime to enhance your operational efficiency.

And when it’s time to breathe new life into these critical systems, such as gearboxes, motors, and all other drive components, you can trust our mechanical rebuild services to ensure they operate at peak performance. We specialize in overhauling and restoring these components to their optimal performance. Our skilled technicians use industry-leading practices and high-quality components, extending the lifespan and enhancing the reliability of your equipment.

We offer efficient replacement services for worn-out or damaged components including all wheel, axle, and powertrain components. When faced with worn-out or damaged components our highly trained technicians source only the highest-quality parts and follow precise installation techniques ensuring optimal post-repair equipment performance, improved safety, and increased longevity.

At Hoist & Crane Corporate Projects Division, we understand the challenges of managing large-scale projects. We partner with you to deliver customized mechanical solutions that maximize productivity, efficiency, and safety. Entrust your mechanical needs to us and experience a difference in your operations.

Structural Systems

Harness the power of precision and safety with Hoist & Crane's structural systems services. Our team tailors our services to meet your unique needs, prioritizing long-lasting results, minimizing downtime, and maximizing cost efficiency.

We leverage the power of advanced technology through our detailed Laser Analysis and Crane Squaring Verification. We thoroughly examine the entire runway structure, including columns, girders, rails, and tie-backs to precisely pinpoint tolerance discrepancies, ensuring compliance with industry specifications for crane runways. Our Datum Charts measure changes over time, providing clear and concise feedback about your system's health. The entire process culminates in a comprehensive report, complete with 3D visualizations, offering you a clear understanding of the condition of your structural systems.

Informed by the data from our analysis, we engineer a repair plan targeting only the areas needing repair, reducing equipment downtime and costs, while ensuring the longevity and optimal operation of your crane systems.

With Hoist & Crane's structural systems services, you receive precise, reliable, and safe solutions and peace of mind knowing your crane systems are in expert hands. Let us help you optimize your operations and ensure the longevity of your crane systems.

Engineered Solutions

Elevate your operations with our engineered solutions from the Corporate Projects Division at Hoist & Crane. We focus on providing bespoke solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, optimizing performance and expanding capabilities.

Our team thrives on engineering challenges, excelling in creating custom capacity upgrades for your hoists and cranes. No project is too complex or demanding for our team of experienced engineers. We meticulously analyze your unique requirements, devising and executing enhancements that safely and efficiently increase your equipment's lifting capacity.

Our Engineered Capacity Upgrades are more than just one-size-fits-all solutions. Each upgrade is tailored to the individual project, ensuring an optimal fit that adheres to all industry standards. Our primary aim is to augment your crane and lifting equipment productivity, preserve the safety and integrity of your operations and minimize equipment downtime during the upgrade process.

With Hoist & Crane's Engineered Solutions, transform how you handle your large-scale projects. Let us help you optimize your operations with perfectly engineered solutions designed just for you.

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