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HCSG offers the most comprehensive hoist and crane service inspection program available today. The Cam-Pac system offers everything from periodic OSHA compliance inspections to a complete preventative maintenance program.

All of our inspection reports are computer generated and can be presented in a bound report and/or electronically transmitted. All discrepancies found are prioritized from critical safety items to recommended maintenance, along with the OSHA code explanation.

Constant Care

HCSG offers a unique monthly hoist and crane service Inspection program called Constant Care. In today's maintenance world, equipment and regulations are becoming more complex while available staff resources are becoming scarcer. The Constant Care program covers all issues from inspection to repair and can be reported back to the customer electronically and/or by hard copy.


MOD-35 provides a budgeted 3 to 5 year planned upgrade for compliance and condition discrepancies. Additionally, the program permits for standardization of components regardless of manufacturer and allows for common inventories to be established over multiple facilities. Inventories can be reduced and training simplified as the equipment becomes common in each facility.


Just-In-Time (JIT) is a combination of pre-engineered preventative maintenance planning and on-board monitoring systems. HCSG determines the original design against current duty cycle and then installs a customized maintenance program. As needed, hardware applications that determine actual crane usage are attached and utilized by HCSG. The information collected; matched with our preventative maintenance programs, define the necessary maintenance procedures.

Data Snap

Inspection results and corrective action are part of the flow of information necessary to meet government requirements and operate a cost reducing maintenance program. HCSG's Data Snap system electronically moves data to the end user to allow for instant analysis and an immediate corrective action. Coupled with HCSG's CAM-PAC system, a complete case history with potential cost BENCH MARKING can be achieved.

Upgrades, Modifications and Modernizations

HCSG offers crane upgrades, modifications and modernizations for all lifting systems involved in the operation of the crane. This includes, but is not limited to, structural engineered capacity upgrades, complete electrical modernization including VFD and Variable DC controls, and continuous buss and remote monitoring and control. We also offer complete mechanical repair and exchange programs for wheel and axle systems as well as gear replacement.

Site Maintenance

Site Maintenance is an innovative alternative to in-house maintenance. Maintaining trained and qualified personnel will become a thing of the past. HCSG will supply qualified crews that report daily to your plant. All aspects, including paper work, can be handled for you. When a breakdown happens, a crane crew will be there to handle it.

System Maintenance

Corporations with multiple facilities present a unique challenge for maintenance crews, such as maintaining staff and servicing all locations efficiently and economically. Having branch facilities across the U.S., HCSG can solve your problems with a system wide maintenance program. You will receive the same quality and professional service throughout your system.

Runway Analysis

Cranes are designed and built to run square and lift vertically. However, due to poor installation, sinkage and other factors, crane systems can become out of square. Often, excessive wheel wear, wheel set damage or bridge drive failure is the result. HCSG can provide a laser guided runway analysis, complete reporting system, and a solution for repair.

Hoist and Crane Service Group utilizes the most sophisticated runway analysis equipment available to pinpoint the exact location and extent of the problem. Many CAM-PAC programs are designed to include runway analysis during a scheduled inspection; this allows the problem to be checked before serious damage occurs.

Load Testing

"Prior to initial use, all new, extensively repaired and altered cranes should be tested by or under the direction of an appointed person to confirm the load capacity of the crane. Test loads shall not be more than 125% of rated load. The test reports shall be placed on file where readily available to appointed personnel."HCSG has 300 tons of portable weights available to conduct load testing anywhere in the United States.

Non-Destructive Testing

Hooks and damaged structural welds often cannot be inspected correctly without special test equipment. HCSG utilizes Magnaflux testing systems to diagnose these special problem spots.All hook systems are checked thoroughly (not just the yoke) to assure that the bottom block halves do not hide any surface cracks. All of HCSG's testing personnel are level 2 certified

Sonic and Borescope Testing

Certain applications require a more in depth analysis than can be covered in an otherwise thorough inspection system. Excessive corrosion, abrasive atmospheres, operator abuse and crane collisions can often cause damage that goes beyond the surface level.

To deal with these unseen problems, Hoist and Crane Service Group employs sonic equipment to determine metal thickness and borescope systems to supply complete video of structural interiors.

Technical Training Programs

The Technical Training Group (TTG) offers the most comprehensive training for overhead lifting equipment available in the field. Our certified and accredited trainers help to ensure the high level of expertise required by HCSG personnel. HCSG has a 60 ton double girder bridge crane and other hands on applications available to enhance our training capability.

Classes can be scheduled at HCSG or at the customer's plant site. Overhead Crane Operator Training, Mobile Crane Operator Training, Rigging, Frequent Inspections, Electrical Maintenance and Mechanical Maintenance are some of the many courses available though TTG.

HALO for Industrial Elevators

Hoist & Crane Service Group has expanded into the industrial elevator service field, providing programs for inspection, preventative maintenance, and repairs of industrial usage equipment. The same programs that made HCSG a leading hoist and crane service provider have expanded to meet the OSHA requirements for your industrial elevators. HCSG programs are designed to raise your equipment to OSHA standards, provide safe operation, and reduce down-time utilizing the same technical and strategic management systems you have come to know expect from HCSG. Read More


National Accounts

If you have multiple locations, entering into a national service agreement with Hoist & Crane Service Group can open the door to new possibilities in managing your lifting systems. Our national footprint allows us to provide you with consistent, highly specialized services throughout all of your locations, and our technician training school can be customized to include corporate and site specific training, guaranteeing that our technicians are not only competent in fixing cranes, but also attuned to your specific regulations and requirements.

A national agreement also grants you with access to HCSG’s strategic budget control and management systems. Our easily accessible tracking software allows you to view your entire network simultaneously so you can recognize trends, easily plan repairs, and work within set budgets and timeframes. We can also modify your equipment with our Monitech PM System, which is an array of wireless sensors and communication devices that allow for real-time, central monitoring and a dramatic improvement in condition based maintenance (CBM) and effectiveness.

Hoist & Crane Service Group has the experience, size, and ingenuity to help you manage all of your lifting systems. Contact us today for more information!

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Preventative Maintenance

A good preventative maintenance (PVM) program is proven to add money to your bottom line. HCSG can provide a detailed PM program, custom tailored to your specific location, duty cycles, equipment type, and other pertinent factors. We can provide you with basic lubrication and maintenance schedules to advanced on-board real-time equipment monitors. All HCSG preventative maintenance programs are designed to conform to OSHA 1910.179 (L) (1) requirements.

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