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By: Matt Ross 

January 1, 2018

New Orleans, LA – Hoist & Crane Service Group had one of it’s best years ever in 2017. New offices were added in Birmingham, Dallas, Toledo, Detroit, Evansville, Cincinnati, and Orlando and over 100 new employees were hired. The company re-evaluated many of it’s existing programs and embraced new ideas in conducting major upgrades to marketing strategies, national inspection software, and recruiting efforts. Long time President and recently appointed CEO Terry Ross focused 2017 on setting the foundation to bring Hoist & Crane to the next level. His efforts, matched with a dedicated staff of the industry’s top hoist and crane service personnel, has set the stage for heavy growth in 2018.

Goals for this year include:

  • Continuing to stabilize and grow new markets
  • Upgrading technical training efforts and trade school programs
  • Expanding the “5 Marks” employee well-being program
  • Design and implement custom CRM software
  • Facility and Fleet Upgrades
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