“The HCSG team is very safe, professional, and accommodating. Through teamwork and communication, they helped us eliminate some recurring problems, adding valuable run-time and efficiency to our process.” – Dan Naron, Steel Technologies


“The Detroit team does a fantastic job for me and U.S. Steel installing motors, brakes, and troubleshooting our cranes and other equipment.” – Tom Kruk, U.S. Steel


“We would like you to know that your technicians are doing an outstanding job. They are professional, they get the job done correctly, and most important of all, safely.” – Elijah Williams, ExxonMobil


“Thank you for the safe completion of the crane rail replacement. It was a difficult job and you managed to complete it safely and with little to no impact on production.” – Kevin Kidder, Evergreen Packaging


“I would like to recognize the HCSG crew for their excellent performance on the Field Verification. This type of consistently good results come from an organization with a strong safety culture and the organizational capacity and leadership to achieve world class results.” – Alan Autin, Chevron


“GP’s plant evaluation audit report rates HCSG’s on-site technicians performance as 100%, Exceeds Expectations.” – Henry Harbin, Georgia-Pacific


“All of the pre-outage training and prep work that was done to ensure Hoist & Crane technicians were ready for our outage was time well spent. Your team performed at a high level with no human performance errors and an efficiency that has not previously been observed here at Grand Gulf.” – Anthony Farrell, Grand Gulf Nuclear