Load Testing

For the safety of your employees and work environment, it is important to ensure that your overhead lifting equipment is capable of safely lifting its rated capacity. New and modified equipment should always be load tested before being placed into service.

Operational Load Testing

OSHA 1910.179 Overhead & Gantry Cranes Regulations

  1. Prior to initial use all new and altered cranes shall be tested to insure compliance with this section including the following functions:
  • Hoisting and lowering.
  • Trolley travel.
  • Bridge travel.
  • Limit switches, locking and safety devices.
  1. The trip setting of hoist limit switches shall be determined by tests with an empty hook traveling in increasing speeds up to the maximum speed. The actuating mechanism of the limit switch shall be located so that it will trip the switch, under all conditions, in sufficient time to prevent contact of the hook or hook block with any part of the trolley.

Test loads shall not be more than 125% of the rated load unless otherwise recommended by the manufacturer. These test reports shall be on file where readily available to appointed personnel.

Hoist & Crane Service Group

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