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March 2017

0.24 (TRIR)0.66 (EMR) Numbers Matter!! Hoist and Crane Service Group is the Safest Crane Service Company in the industry. If you want the safest Crane Service Company on your site , give us a call and get the Best Of The Best.

February 2017

One Stop Shop! We now do Overhead Doors & Dock Levelers along with all your overhead & mobile cranes. All technicians are trained to give you the same service you have come to expect from Hoist and Crane Service Group. Give a call today for extremely competitive pricing.

January 2017

Our New Rail Care program is second to none. Discover the root cause of all your crane problems. If the runways rails are out of specification, You will have all problems transmitted through the crane. Lets get to the root cause of your crane problems with our Rail Care Program

November 2016

Our new Wire Rope C.A.R.E.(Computer Aided Rope Evaluation) is a triple function magnetic wire rope inspection. Now your wire rope can be inspected internally and externally. Many wire rope structures start to wear from inside out. A worn wire rope can be a major safety hazard and cause production losses. Please contact us for more information.

August 2016

Hoist & Crane Service Group is a member of 5 Safety clearing houses and we hold top safety ratings with each.  Our dedication to our Behavior Based Safety programs has earned us the following: 
      ISNetworld: A+
      PEC: Approved Status
      Browz:  Green Status
      PICS/Avetta: Green Status
      Veriforce: Green Status

To further our commitment to total safety throughout our organization, HCSG had adopted CellControl in some of our branches.  This patent-pending distracted driving prevention and driver improvement platform works through the combination of a device in the vehicle and an app on the cell phone or other mobile device.  Emphasizing driving hazard awareness and reducing distracted driving, adding back up cameras and wider angle mirrors to our fleet, along with the CellControl program have provided HCSG with a 42% reduction in vehicle accidents. 


June 2016

Congratulations to our Texas branch locations for being recognized with two safety awards this month. International Safety Training Council recognized our Beaumont Location for Sustained Performance and the Houston Business Roundtable and Houston Area Safety Council awarded HCSG Silver at its annual awards banquet.  Hoist & Crane Service Group take pride in our safety programs and our excellent safety record.  

May 2016

Industrial Elevators By Hoist and Crane Service Group. Click here to check out of web page.

April 2016

Military Veterans !!!! Are you looking for a career, has excellent pay and great Benefits? Apply to one of our many career openings we have across the country !!!!! Hoist and Crane Service Group promotes from within and will give you a career path forward. Apply today to start your career !!!!!

February 2016

The Total Care Package: Let Hoist & Crane Service Group take care of your cranes from cradle to grave. Our expertise can work for you as we handle all of your compliance inspections, preventative maintenance, scheduling, and the expert decision making necessary to keep your crane running with minimum downtime. Now is the time for you to get out of the crane service business and back to your core businesst. Contact your local Hoist & Crane Service Group location for more information. 

January 2016

Paper Mills and Woodyards around the country have recognized Hoist & Crane Service Group as a primary source of expertise and service for their overhead lifting equipment. HCSG's woodyard division is capable of providing your compliance inspections, preventative maintenance, engineering, parts, modifications, and upgrades. As an independant service group,  HCSG has the knowledge and the ability to perform these services on all crane manufacturers. No longer are you tied exclusively to manufacturer's who are more interested in promoting their own parts and equipment more than they are in providing you with the right value.

November 2015

Employees from Hoist & Crane Service Group participated in the Crescent City Fall 5k in historic New Orleans City Park as part of a company-wide health and charity challenge.

October 2015

Hoist & Crane Service Group is challenging all employees to participate in community activities this fall as part of its 5 Marks Program. Employees from all over the US will be participating in Charity Runs, Blood drives, Food drives, the Great American Smokeout, and more as part of this initiative. Our 5 Mark culture focuses all employees on Safety, Integrity, Effectiveness, Legacy and Respect.

June 2015

A presentation on "World Class Safety" was presented by Dave Cunningham at the AIST 22nd Annual Crane Conference in Pittsburg. The presentation would presented to over 200 participants in the steel manufacturing industry.

May 2015

The International Safety and Training Council awards HCSG Beaumont Operations THE SAFETY ACHEIVMENT AWARD for 14 years of not having a lost time injury. Congratulation's to Beaumont Operations !!!!!

May 2015

The Houston Business Round Table awards Hoist and Crane Service Group the Gold Medal to Houston and Beaumont operations for overall safety performance in the industrial plants in the area. Congratulations Houston and Beaumont Operations!!!!

April 2015

Hoist and Crane Service Groups Charlie Pertuit  received the very high honor of Trainer of the Year from the International Safety Training Council (ISTC) Congratulations Charlie !!!!!!

February 2015

Hoist and Crane Service Group introduces new program. The Dollar Cost Matrix ....DCM Program is designed to eliminate the high and lows of a customer's budget spending. DCM offers a strategic way to level spending. Call us to today and come into the matrix !!!

November 2014

Attn.Senior Software Engineers Hoist & Crane Service Group has  created a world-class industrial software house. We are looking for candidates for the following, daily activities include: aiding the recruitment of software development talent and administering of project roles and delivery goals; eliciting project requirements with sales/field personnel or directly with vendors, customers and/or contractors; estimating development and material costs; brainstorming and negotiating use cases of the system and software; drafting panel layouts and wiring schematics of electrical and computing components; communicating the assembly drawings to field technicians and supporting the testing phase; designing and developing data storage and communications strategies; designing and developing user interfaces for desktop, web, mobile, and HMI platforms; traveling to sites to observe system deployment; traveling to sites in the event that engineering expertise is necessary for troubleshooting. Actively involved in maintaining the schedule and budget of assigned projects. Prospective candidates apply on our careers page.


October 2014

Over 175 career job openings !!!!! Yes, Hoist and Crane Service Group is growing and  has over 175 career job openings through out our organization. Go to our Career Page and apply. Start your Career today !!!!! 

September 2014

Hoist & Crane Service Group is now hiring Mobil Hydraulic and Friction Crane Mechanics. Please visit the careers section of our homepage for more information and to apply.

August 2014

Hoist & Crane Service Group provides Industrial Elevator Service , providing programs for inspection, preventative maintenance, and repairs of industrial usage equipment. The same programs that made HCSG a leading hoist and crane service provider also meets the OSHA requirements for your industrial elevators. HCSG programs are designed to raise your equipment to OSHA standards, provide safe operation, and reduce down-time utilizing the same technical and strategic management systems you have come to know expect from HCSG.

July 2014

HCSG implements the 5 Marks Program, the next step in our endless pursuit of culture excellence. The building blocks of this ambitious new program are Safety, Integrity, Effectiveness, Legacy and Respect. HCSG strives to be the best place in the country to work and the implementation of our new 5 Marks program is designed to keep us solidly on the pathway to success.

July 2014

The National Safety Council presents Hoist & Crane Service Group as a 2014 Industriy Leader Award Winner.

May 2014

HCSG's own David Cunningham , VP of Sales & Marketing, will present a white paper on Real-Time, Condition Based Maintenance at the 21st Annual AIST Crane Symposium to be held June 8-10 in Pittsburg, Pa.

March 2014

Are you looking for a Great Career? You have come to the Right Place ! Hoist and Crane Service Group has openings in all areas of our organization across the country. Experience and those with no experience , our training programs will elevate all. Start your career today!! Apply on our career tab. and have a fulfilled future at Hoist and Crane Service Group.

February 2014

Please join HCSG's premier cooking team at the Pasadena Fairgrounds in Texas for the HASC Safety Excellence Awards Tailgate & Cookoff on February 7! http://www.hasc.com/uploads/XXVII_HASCHBR_Tailgate_Invite.pdf

December 2013

Hoist and Crane Service Group has selected the 2014 Class for the Management Trainee and the Fast Track Apprentice programs. This class will go though a year long intense  training in all phases of Hoist and Crane Service Group operations from Technical Field Service through engineering,,management and sales. These candidates had to go through a stringent qualifying process to be accepted. Fifteen candidates were recommended from our various branches. The qualifying committee accepted eight candidates. Congratulations and good luck to our future leaders of Hoist and Crane Service Group. 

November 2013

JSW Steel awards contract to replace 3400 feet of 175# rail in production bay over Thanksgiving Holidays.

November 2013

DAK Americas has awarded Hoist and Crane Service Group a multi year contract to inspect,repair, and modernize all lifting equipment.

October 2013

Tenaris Corporation awards contract to Hoist and Crane Service Group to inspect, maintain, repair, and upgrade all cranes at the Arkansas  location.

October 2013

Gestamp LLC has awarded Hoist & Crane Service Group a contract to modernize overhead cranes  with CIODS (Crane Interference Obstacle Detection System) Hoist & Crane Service Group will use the world most technological advance scanners to complete the modernizations.

October 2013

Hess Oil St. Lucia in the Lesser Antilles  awards Hoist and Crane Service contract to rebuild all Dock Cranes at their refinery in St. Lucia. This contract will include installing HALO SMART CRANE System on their existing Pedestal  cranes.

September 2013

On September 10, Sales and Marketing Vice President Dave Cunningham presented HCSG's best practice Behavior Based Safety systems to the Houston Business Roundtable at their annual breakfast and symposium in Houston, TX.

August 2013

Hoist & Crane Service Group signs an agreement with 3 PS a manufacture  of crane sensors to become their National Distributor and Service Center.

July 2013

Georgia-Pacific awarded several complete crane modernizations to Hoist & Crane Service Group. These upgrades will be electrical, mechanical , and structural and will be equipped with HALO SmartCrane systems. This project is part of an on going solution to decrease crane down-time in all of Georgia-Pacific facilities.

July 2013

Hoist & Crane Service Group attended and exhibited in the API Offshore Crane Conference In Houston, Texas. On display was the HALO Smart Crane. Hoist and Crane Service Group receives 9 commitments from 3 different Offshore Operators for the Smart Crane Package.

July 2013

Hawaii Electric Company awards a three year MSA to Hoist & Crane Service Group for all crane maintenance services.

July 2013

Hoist & Crane Service Group's Philidelphia branch office received an award form Dupont  for 200 hours of incident free service.

June 2013

Georgia-Pacific's Crossett Mill recently installed eleven HALO SmartCrane systems on their finishing area cranes, adding side-load protection and weight indication.

May 2013

On May 17, HCSG was honored with the silver safety excellence award for crane/rigging support at the Houston Business Roundtable awards banquet in Galveston, TX.

April 2013

HCSG is looking for qualified hoist and crane mechanics in all parts of the country. Please click on "careers" for application information.

March 2013

HCSG provides the best possible service in rail analysis and subsequent repair. Contact our Corporate Projects division for additional information.

February 2013

HCSG will be opening a new service facility in Richmond, VA next month.

January 2013

HCSG's mobile/crawler crane division provides inspections, preventative maintenance, condition based maintenance and repairs, servicing the southern United States region.

December 2012

HCSG will have a booth at the 2012 Power Generation International Trade Show in Orlando, FL. December 11-13.

November 2012

The 2012 Fast Track class graduates this month. Congratulations to the field personnel and manager trainees that participated.

October 2012

The HALO SmartCrane division completed an install this month at the new Chevron Preservation and Maintenance facility in Schriever, LA. The system includes crane-mounted LED display boards indicating weight on the hook as well as side-load and overload alarms for the facility's 110 ton and 20 ton bay cranes.

September 2012

HALO SmartCrane provides viable billing management solutions to help businesses track productivity movement on their crane systems with the click of a mouse.

August 2012

Congratulations to HCSG's Corporate Projects for recently securing major contracts with Northrop Grumman, Siemens, Cameron, DuPont, Georgia Pacific and Republic Steel.

July 2012

HCSG will be showcasing the HALO SmartCrane system at this year's 2012 IADC Conference in Lafayette, LA.

June 2012

HCSG's Charlotte, NC operation is initiating a service contract this month with Boeing's North Charleston, SC manufacturing facility.

May 2012

HCSG remains one of the nation's safest service companies with a 2012 TRIR of .38 and an EMR of .78

April 2012

HCSG welcomes management personnel from around the country to annual corporate meetings this week in New Orleans.

March 2012

HCSG's national service system database now has over 40,000 hoist and/or crane systems in population.

February 2012

HCSG's 2012 Fast Track class kicks off this month. Congratulations to all that have been selected to participate!

January 2012

Congratulations to New Orleans Branch Manager Steve Gifford for being promoted to Zone Manager! Mr. Gifford will officially move into his new role on March 1, 2012.

December 2011

Lead Technician Mike Cessna and his crew merited their 9th consecutive quarterly safety award at the DuPont Fayetteville Works Facility.

December 2011

HCSG's Philadelphia Regional office has relocated to a new facility in Honey Brook, PA

November 2011

HCSG would like to congratulate the 2011 Fast Track class!

October 2011

HCSG would like to welcome our branch management personnel from around the country to the Houston Operations Center this week for corporate meetings.

August 2011

HCSG's corporate projects division has completed software and equipment updates to our RAIL-PAC alignment system. We can analyze and then bring your rail system into CMAA compliance with state of the art equipment and increased efficiency.

July 2011

Hoist & Crane Service Group will be demonstrating the HALO SmartCrane system this month at the 2011 API Conference held July 19-20 at the Houston Hilton North. Stop by our booth in the exhibit hall for more information.

June 2011

HCSG's innovative HALO Smart Crane system is designed to provide your overhead crane equipment with user authentication, milestone/event notification, advanced condition based preventative maintenance, and other technological advances.

May 2011

HCSG renews it's national contract for overhead lifting services with DuPont.

April 2011

HCSG received a 0.79 OSHA TRIR rating for calendar year 2010. Congratulations to all branches and personnel for focusing on safety first!

March 2011

HCSG would like to welcome all east zone sales personnel to New Orleans this week for Sales and Marketing training!

February 2011

HCSG's 2011 Fast Track Apprenticeship program kicks off this month. Good luck to this year's participants!

January 2011

HCSG would like to welcome the new Wilmington, DE branch office to our operation.

December 2010

HCSG would like to welcome three new branch offices to our operation: Houma, LA, Sulphur, LA, and Little Rock, AR.

November 2010

The HCSG Houston location will be moving into a larger, regional facility in early 2011.

October 2010

In addition to overhead lifting equipment, HCSG can wrap overhead doors, dock levelers, and other equipment into a comprehensive inspection and PM program.

September 2010

OSHA 1910.179 (L) (1) requires that you have a preventative maintenance program in place for your overhead lifting equipment.

August 2010

HCSG is conducting live demonstrations and advanced testing this month on the capabilities of our Monitech Systems remote monitoring equipment for offshore lifting applications.

August 2010

Customers can now set up user accounts on HCSG's website to view inspections, PM Programs, Monitech Live Crane Information, and more. Click on "Log in" in the upper right-hand corner of the website to get started today!

July 2010

HCSG signs a maintenance and inspection contract with Georgia-Pacific's Palatka, Florida operation.

June 2010

HCSG's Philadelphia group is installing a new 100T overhead crane system this month at American Hydro Corporation in York, PA.

May 2010

HCSG' inspection and maintenance service programs apply to: Aerial Lifts, Dock Levelers, Forklifts, Hydraulic Tables, Ladders, Lifting Magnets, Loading Docks, Mobile Cranes, Overhead Hoists/Cranes, Overhead Doors, Pallet Jacks, Scrap Material Handling Devices, Slings, Small Hoists, Structural Mechanical Lifting Devices, Vacuum Lifts, and Winch Derricks.

April 2010

HCSG would like to congratulate our New Orleans branch office for meriting the 2009 Branch of the Year Award! Congratulations to all of the branch personnel for all of your hard work and dedication!

March 2010

HCSG's Technical Training Group can incorporate customer specific training into their lesson plans to ensure that all HCSG technicians are up to speed on our customers' site specific, or system wide specifications.  

February 2010

HCSG's Monitech Division now has operations on drilling platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

January 2010

Technicians from HCSG's Charlotte office were awarded the Star Performer in Safety Award for the 4th Quarter at DuPont's Fayetteville Works plant.

November 2009

HCSG and Load Systems International (LSI) have established a national distribution and service center agreement.  This partnership will Link LSI's on-board wireless sensor systems with HCSG's 24/7 communications and maintenance systems.

October 2009

HCSG launches new website.

August 2009

HCSG signs a national Inspection and Maintenance Agreement with Carrier Corporation for 140 sites

August 2009

Several HCSG Technicians (Mike Cessna, Ricky Dellinger, and David Boci) are recognized by DuPont in Fayetteville, N.C. for safe operations

August 2009

HCSG recognized by ExxonMobil Chalmette as an outstanding safety contractor twice during the July 09 turnaround

April 2009

David Massi is named the HCSG Branch Manager of the Year

April 2009

HCSG updates its Blackboard Training to include various technical classes, including some NCEER Training

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March 2017

0.24 (TRIR)0.66 (EMR) Numbers Matter!! Hoist and Crane Service Group is the Safest Crane Service Company in the industry. If you want the safest Crane Service Company on your…Read More…

February 2017

One Stop Shop! We now do Overhead Doors & Dock Levelers along with all your overhead & mobile cranes. All technicians are trained to give you the same service you have come to…Read More…

January 2017

Our New Rail Care program is second to none. Discover the root cause of all your crane problems. If the runways rails are out of specification, You will have all problems transmitted…Read More…

November 2016

Our new Wire Rope C.A.R.E.(Computer Aided Rope Evaluation) is a triple function magnetic wire rope inspection. Now your wire rope can be inspected internally and externally. Many…Read More…

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