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Hoist And Lifting Oversight (HALO)

Halo is a complete solution for your lifting needs. The HALO program provides your lifting equipment with operators, technicians, and a comprehensive maintenance and inspection program.


HCSG personnel are extensively trained in all aspects of hoist and crane operation and repair, greatly improving their ability and usefulness as crane operators.

HCSG's Halo Smartcrane Group will install a wireless monitoring and sensory system on your equipment to greatly improve preventative maintenance and repair efficiency.

HCSG's extensive OSHA compliance inspection program will provide your equipment with the most comprehensive frequent and periodic inspection systems available today.

HCSG's national presence will allow for quick, efficient repair and maintenance service to all of your locations.

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Monitech Group

The Halo Smart Crane Group is a division of Hoist & Crane Service Group dedicated to using technology and innovation to improve the way we apply our preventative maintenance and inspection programs to your overhead lifting equipment.

Diagnostic Data Link (DDL) is a revolutionary method of providing your valuable lifting equipment with 24 hour monitoring.

Our Halo Smart Crane Group and Hoist & Crane Service Group have designed a system of wireless sensors that can be placed on your equipment and will communicate vital information back to our service facilities. This will enable us to keep detailed records of equipment usage and wear that can be used to more efficiently schedule routine service and reduce costly breakdowns.

A series of communication motes and sensors have been designed to be placed on your equipment with unique monitoring capabilities.

These sensors, using wireless technology, will communicate with each other and ultimately with an onsite communications hub that will relay the information back to an HCSG service facility. The data collected will be logged and used to determine when your equipment needs service.



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