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The HALO program encompasses all of Hoist & Crane Service Group's inspection, maintenance and operator programs into a tiered system specifically designed to fit your lifting needs.

The programs are designed to cover your basic inspection and compliance needs all the way up to full system maintenance; including live crane monitoring and HCSG provided operators.

Please view the tabs below for more information on the different levels of service provided by HALO

HALO 1 - Compliance


SYM-PAC Inspection Program (OSHA Compliance Inspections)

HCSG offers the most comprehensive hoist and crane inspection program available today. The Cam-Pac system offers everything from periodic OSHA compliance inspections to a complete preventative maintenance program.

All of our inspection reports are computer generated and can be presented in a bound report and/or electronically transmitted. All discrepancies found are prioritized from critical safety items to recommended maintenance, along with the OSHA code explanation.

Mod-35 Discrepancy filtering and budgetary planning program

MOD-35 provides a budgeted 3 to 5 year planned upgrade for compliance and condition discrepancies. Additionally, the program permits for standardization of components regardless of manufacturer and allows for common inventories to be established over multiple facilities. Inventories can be reduced and training simplified as the equipment becomes common in each facility.

HALO 2 - Condition


HALO 1 - Compliance Programs

PVM5 - Preventative Maintenance and Inventory Systems

HCSG Preventative Maintenance programs include measures to meet the OSHA 1910.179(L)(1) requirements that a preventative maintenance program be in place. An HCSG PM program includes:

  • Crane criticality analysis to determine allowable down times.
  • Inspection and repair data analysis to determine common failures, or "hot spots."
  • Determination of pre-outage requirements
  • Determination and implementation of lubrication needs based on duty cycles

LUBE PAC - Scheduled Lubrication Programs

LUBE PAC provides scheduled lube applications based on duty cycle, and AGMA lubrication cross listings.

RAIL PAC - Runway Analysis/Repairs Programs

RAIL PAC offers a complete solution for analyzing and repairing damaged rail systems.

Cranes are designed and built to run square and lift vertically. However, due to poor installation, sinkage and other factors, crane systems can become out of square. Often, excessive wheel wear, wheel set damage or bridge drive failure is the result. HCSG can provide a laser guided runway analysis, complete reporting system, and a solution for repair.

Services provided include: A complete rail analysis report, repairs on tie-backs, diaphrams, pedestals, rail splices, rail joints, rail clips and replacement of runway hardware and buss bar systems. Our Corporate Projects division will work closely with you to schedule rail surveys and repairs around scheduled down turns.

HALO 3 - Live


HALO 1 - Compliance Programs
HALO 2 - Condition Programs

HALO SmartCrane DDL Wireless Monitoring System

HALO SmartCrane provides a complete system for wirelessly monitoring your cranes every move; thereby, greatly improving preventative maintenance efficiency and operator training. (link to www.halosmartcrane.com)

HALO 4 - Total


HALO 1 - Compliance Programs
HALO 2 - Condition Programs
HALO 3 - Live Programs

DRIVE-PAC - Crane Operators


HCSG trained and certified crane operators can be provided to operate your cranes. Our operators are trained as technicians and inspectors, in addition to crane operators. This allows for operators that are not only skilled in operating the crane, but also knowledgeable on its maintenance requirements.

Benefits to using HCSG operators:

  • Operators pay grade is based on a production vs. maintenance, measured pay scale.
  • Operator certification is assured.
  • Operator accountability can be assured through the Monitech authentication system.

Monitech Wireless Monitoring - The Monitech wireless monitoring system can be used as an authentication tool for operator's using your equipment. Our electronic, operator sign-in feature allows for:

  • 24/7 operator recognition
  • Assures that trained operators are operating your equipment
  • Monitors shift performance
    • Detects areas for operator improvement
    • Matches crane movement with operator clock
    • Identifies operator abuse/misuse of equipment

Flex Parts - JIT Inventory Control System and Universal Parts Source

Just-In-Time (JIT) is a combination of pre-engineered preventative maintenance planning and on-board monitoring systems. HCSG determines the original design against current duty cycle and then installs a customized maintenance program. As needed, hardware applications that determine actual crane usage are attached and utilized by HCSG. The information collected; matched with our preventative maintenance programs, define the necessary maintenance procedures.

HCSG's Flexparts group is a universal parts source available to take virtually any part that you have and recreate it, using sophisticated laser driven scanning devices and CAD imaging. A universal parts source provides you with options when you are facing obsolete parts, long lead times, etc.

Fatigue Management - Crane Expected Life Calculation with life extension development

Fatigue Planning is a very important issue in aging facilities throughout the world. HCSG fatigue planning program consists of several primary steps:

  • Identify Potential Fatigue Areas
  • Develop Corrective Action Plan
  • Develop Schedule/Budget Utilizing MOD-35
  • Implement Program Utilizing PVM-5

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