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Hoist & Crane Service Group is devoted to providing the very best in material handling services. Dedication to customers and unparalleled levels of service has elevated HCSG to being one of the nation’s leading providers for overhead lifting inspections and service.

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We provide specialized services for all markets including: Primary metals, Defense, Petro-Chemical, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Pulp and Paper, Offshore, Military, Automotive, and Power.

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HCSG's unique Technical Training Group, is designed to provide our technicians with quantifiable hoist and crane knowledge, application and technical training. All technicians undergo key cross-training that includes classes in safety/regulations, power train, mechanical, electrical, structural, hydraulic pneumatic, and rigging. Our technicians are uniquely qualified to deal with the most sophisticated material handling problems. Ensuring the high technical knowledge and unfettered focus of our personnel has allowed HCSG to provide our customers with an unparalleled level of service nationwide.

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HCSG Specializes in providing inspection, maintenance, repair, and upgrade/modernizations for all Hoise and Crane applications, as well as for a wide range of material lifting devices such as overhead doors, dock levelers, rolling stock, etc.

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HCSG is continually seeking sharp, motivated individuals for employment. New employees will gain access to our highly successful classes and apprenticeship programs, enjoy a wide set of corporate benefits, and become specialized professionals in a challenging fast paced industry.

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As an industry leader, HCSG is dedicated to developing and utilizing the latest technological advances to improve our available services. The Portable Inspector Program that allows us to communicate inspections instantaneously to our branch offices. The Halo Smart Crane Group is dedicated to developing wireless sensory equipment that continuously monitors customer equipment. Our new HALO operator/maintenance offers a complete package to meet your Total Cost to Run goals.

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Current News

February 2016

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January 2016

Paper Mills and Wood Yards around the country have recognized Hoist and Crane Service Group as a primary source of expertise and service. Hoist and Crane's…Read More…

November 2015

Employees from Hoist & Crane Service Group participated in the Crescent City Fall 5 K in historic City Park as part of a comapny wide Health and Charity challenge. In addition…Read More…

October 2015

Hoist & Crane Service Group is challenging all employees to participate in community activities this fall as part of its 5 Marks Program. Employees from all over the US will…Read More…

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